В висках стучало. Мысли бастовали (с)
I may be a naive fool, but still I wanna write bout that.
People need hope. Each of us. We need love, trust and belief.
If a person doesn't have that, he or she isn't alive. A person like that exists, but doesn't actually live. That's what I think.
It's okay to ask for help, and it's okay to wish for some kindness. People need to be warmed.
Different people, different problems. Someone lives in fear, someone's lost someone he or she had loved, and someone may be just a lonely person. Everyone needs to be saved.
I've seen those who believe there shouldn't be any light and that you can't survive in the world if you're not agressive and mean. They're often rude and/or very upset, desperate people.
And I've seen others: not only do they believe, they also bring the light with them. They do have problems, and they may have a hard life, but still these people will try their best not to bring you down. And I'm pretty sure, those are lightful, that have learned how to stay themselfs even at hard times.
People change, the world changes all the time.
What I want to say.. we should at least try to be lightful. Or even
Don't try, do ©
And as for me, I'm sorry for all the bad things I've done to others, I'm sorry for my character and for being so rude. And I really want to change, and I do my best to change myself, so one day I may finally become lightful. I will.